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Monday 21 June 2004 - Filed under 2004 Europe Trip

YES yo! Monday in the house. No just kidding. Monday NOT in the house.

Okay, here’s the thing, I haven’t caught up on my sleep at all! Damn it! I tried to sleep in this morning and it just didn’t work. I woke up bright and early at 7 AM today. Maybe It’s because I am so old. Old people don’t need as much rest you know.

It was a pretty good day again today. I think that it got into the 90s again. Summer is totally here kids!

I went and got a few more items that I need for my impending trip. I got a 250 MB Compact Flash Card for my camera which amazingly will hold 175 high rez photos compared to the 32 MB card that came with the camera that now holds 21 photos. Just a few more photos to help me capture my time over there.

Gosh being a rich person that didn’t worry about money would be cool just because you could go in and buy leg warmers that allowed you to ski better. Wow, This guy is sleepy. That didn’t make any sense. I was trying to type as fast as I could before my eyes fell shut.

Typing like this doesn’t work. I should go to sleep.

Too many spaces and returns.

K and her friend Beth, hosted a Bridal shower thing over here at the house. The bridal shower was for a lovely lady named Shelby. Good fun had by all. K’s school mates are good folk.

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