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Salmon Dinner at Paul and Vicki’s

Sunday 11 July 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Yet another lazy day. It was sunny out and we didn’t do much of anything.

K, Sarah, Mr. Baptist, Ms. Bee and myself went over to Paul and Vicki’s house by the river for most of the day. It was nice and relaxing. K, Sarah and Ms. Bee rode a raft down the river. That looked like fun. I would have joined them but wasn’t dressed properly for a river rafting adventure. Maybe I’ll go next time.

We had a very delicious salmon dinner. I ate until I was stuffed. After that we headed back home where I tried to find something good to watch on TV and K did homework.

Gosh, see, not much of an eventful day. Wake up, Paul and Vicki’s, K rafting, salmon dinner and home, TV, sleep. You know what though, I should be able to expand upon it at make it journal worthy. I’m sorry my lack of writing strength brought us down here. I’ll try better over the next few days, I promise.

Tomorrow is day number one, week one, of the summer term! Woo hoo! I’m sort of excited and nervous for some reason. Has this long and exciting break taken me out of the school working mind set? Will I be able to pull myself together long enough this term to learn something? Will my schedule conflict with the joys of Summer so much that I will be a tired wreck of nerves like last term? Now with this being my first term in a while without my beloved video production classes, will I be able to sustain a love for my web design classes? Gosh, that was a bulky sentence. Oh yes and how will my view of school and life be changed after such a wonderful Budapest, Vienna and Prague experience?

Ah too many questions Noodle! Just go to class and shut up already.

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