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classes start up again

Monday 12 July 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Yep! Three classes down and one to go. I am pretty tired after a whole day of school. That gets a week out of the way really quick when you stuff all your classes into 2 days. I think I’ve got some alright classes. Nothing has jumped out at me yet as being my favorite. They are all about middle of the road so far.

I am a tad bit worried about what I am going to be writing for my Europe paper. I need to get going on a thesis statement. I always think of Thesis statement as being like your opening attack of an argument. I can’t think of anything to argue about Budapest, Vienna and Prague. I’ll figure it out I guess.

I think the one thing I will have to manage well again this term is homework. I could really shoot myself in the foot if I wait till the last minute to do all of my homework due on Monday. I will definitely spread the tasks over the entire week instead of all of them on Sunday. I have got a lot of reading this week to do in books I haven’t bought.

Tomorrow is school and then a half day of work. I hope they won’t mind me sleeping on the job again.

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