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John Kerry in town

Thursday 12 August 2004 - Filed under Uncategorized

It just barely reached 90 degrees today so that makes it day number 5 of 90 degree weather. I love it. It’s great! The hotter the better.

It was the last day of work for the week. Woo Hoo! The weekend is here! Time for some homework! It was okay at the office. I didn’t really feel like being there and the work was kind of slow today.

I felt pretty good today. I think I kind of got the creative bug this afternoon. I feel like doing something cool and creative soon. What could it be? I feel like making some artwork. I didn’t do anything creative today but just getting the desire to do something is a good start. I feel like doing some more Noodle work and then get started on doing a redesign here. That’s right, I may just start the October redesign a little early this year. I have to try to put this coding that I am learning to good use. Wouldn’t that just be the coolest if this whole page was redone and all with hand coding? I should start with some sketches at least. I really want it to kick butt this time people.

I was inspired a bit today by the Nine Inch Nails web page. It hadn’t been up for a while. It’s kind of simple I know, but something about it really floated my boat. I have been on a NIN kick lately. That’s good though because I am remembering cool stuff that I use to like but for whatever reason have forgotten about over the last year or so.

The democrat nominee for the 2004 Presidential race, John Kerry, is in Oregon tonight. He’s going to speak here in Portland tomorrow. K and Mr. Baptist are going to try and see him. I probably won’t though because I will be going in to school to work on my homework. President George W. Bush will be here tomorrow also. That’s pretty crazy that they chose the same day to be in town. It’s going to be nutty around these parts tomorrow.

I’ve got to go take a shower now. I feel gross and dirty. Something stinks in this lab and think it’s this dirty shirt I am wearing. Gosh, I have really got to clean up my act.

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