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NIN regression

Saturday 14 August 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Good evening all. How are you doing? I am doing fine. Yes, what a day what a day. I don’t think it was as hot today as it has been during the rest of the week. It was crazy for a while during the afternoon it was totally sunny and hot out but there was rain coming down also. Have we turned into a tropical rain forest?

I tried for most of the day to do homework. Help me people! I am so uninterested in the concept of homework right now. It has been so hard for me to get any school work done. Man oh man I wish the end would come sooner. It’s hard for this guy to pay attention!

I had a number of distractions today. One of my distractions was getting the photo album updated for you all. Now we have some July and August visuals for you to consume. I really love taking pictures! It is so fun having them up and online to skim through. I totally check them all the time. I’ll tell you what, I am SO into looking at the Europe photos over and over. I have got to get out of here and travel some more.

My other distraction today was reading all of the information on the Nine Inch Nails web site. I am beginning to worry about my sick fascination with everything NIN. I am regressing to my late teens I think. Today I learned that there is a new Nine Inch Nails album coming out towards the end of the year or early 2005. It’s called “Bleedthrough”. I did some web surfing and found out that this is old news to the kids in the know. People have been discussing Bleedthrough since February. Gosh, I am so out of the loop now.

We went and had dinner at Calderas this evening. It was very good. I had the Caldera Burger. Very tasty. I like that place. I love when you frequent a place enough times that they start to remember your face. It makes you feel like a rock star when they say, “Ah yes, Mr. Noodle. We have your table ready for you. Right this way.”

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