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Tuesday 14 September 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Mark your calendars kids. Today was a day to remember!

It started off with a pretty frustrating class this morning. The Cure project didn’t get finished, so a pretty lame half done piece was turned in. I am not trusting anyone with a project next term. No more team projects for this guy. I totally have to start worrying about my portfolio and start to make some good pieces. I blame myself mostly with the Cure thing. I think I knew last night subliminally that it wasn’t going to get finished when it was in another’s corner. No finger pointing though. It stinks because I bit the dust in the two classes that I have that are taught by the same teacher. Teacher, please know that I am really better than this.

Next term I am so gonna kick some ass. I am tired of this crap. I am going to turn in stuff that will blow all of these suckers out of the water. I am so much better than this.

Riding the MAX to the office after school and feeling rather blue, I came to the realization that I should really kick it up a notch and work hard at the office. I was thinking with things so lame in the American economic world, and unemployment being so high in Oregon right now, I should be totally thankful for having a job.

Guess what! I was laid off again! Man oh man! Those Bastards!

It was such a weird thing. I was mildly upset but at the same time I was totally happy. I told my supervisor that I was surprised that I lasted a year and a month there this time. That company is ran very poorly. I don’t think I would get in trouble saying that here because everyone already knows how lame they are. They lost a giant account this time around and had to layoff a large percentage of their staff. This is the 3rd time in life that I have been laid off, and the 2nd time by that company, so maybe I am just getting used to getting called into the office and closing the door. I’m a little relieved because working there was really effecting my schooling. Unfortunately I need the money. There lies the problem. Oh well, I’m sure I will be working there again before too long and I’ll be laid off again when they lose another client.

So now school is done for the term and the office is done. Oh what is a boy to do with all of this free time and no money?

Oh yes, don’t worry. I am going to go back to the office with my hard drive tomorrow to get all of my music off of my work computer. I think I worked like 115 hours loading those 10.5 gigs onto that machine. See, how funny. I didn’t need any of the work that I did there for my portfolio, just my iTunes library. Makes you think, yes?

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