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Christmas Day Tsunami Repercussions

Tuesday 28 December 2004 - Filed under Uncategorized

Hey there. We are having trouble staying awake here at the Noodle house today. I have been napping on and off for a few hours this afternoon. K has been passed out asleep for quite a while now also. It’s good to nap right? I think that our busy holiday has finally caught up with us and we are sleeping it off. Hopefully we will be able to wake up this evening and do something.

My mother came over and visited with us this morning. I sure do like that lady. Her plane is flying out tomorrow afternoon.

Oh my goodness. Isn’t the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that occurred off the coast of Southeast Asia on Christmas day just horrible? They are saying now that 33,000 people were killed. It has been all over the news. How frightening and sad for those families. One more event for the 2004 history books, too bad it was such a tragic one.

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