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Sunday 12 February 2006 - Filed under Uncategorized

Another beautiful morning. God bless that sunshine! I’m telling you, you can smell spring coming.

The weekend is begining to wind down. It was a pretty good weekend. We had some fun. Why is it that I have such a hard time spelling beginning? I always spell it wrong starting out and then spell check catches it. I can never remember the double n.

I stumbled on to my friend Craig’s page the other day. Craig is such an awesome artist. Nice guy also. I can’t wait for his new book to come out. His web page is nice, clean and comforting. I think his brother designed it. I was going on and on telling this girl at the Night Light on Friday that she had to read his book “Blankets”.

Hold on one second. I’ve got to go take the dogs out to go potty.

Last night we watched the movies “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and “Dark Water”. Both were pretty good.

The 40 Year Old Virgin had some funny moments. I don’t think it was as hilarious as some people had told us. It was cute. I did think that it was the most solid comedy, movie-wise that I have seen in a while. It stayed consistent throughout and didn’t fall apart at the end which is a pretty big accomplishment for any movie these days. Steve Carell was very funny in it. I like him.

I don’t know, Dark Water was okay. It was scary at times but definitely not frightening. Dark Water continues with that current trend started by “The Ring” of stealing Japanese horror movies and passing it off to the American public as an original work. A guy at the video store said that the original Japanese version was scarier than Dark Water. I tell you what though, I sure do have a thing for Jennifer Connelly. I think she is quite pretty.

I am getting really tired of these producers using “Unrated Version” as a DVD marketing tool. Remember when “Unrated Version” use to mean something? I have no idea what was unrated about the version of Dark Water that we saw. I would have rated that unrated version a PG. I think she said “shit” one time and that was it. I wish we could go back to the days when people could release a real R movie and not have to change it to PG-13 because the numbers told them they would get a bigger box office with PG-13. I may be a bit de-sensitized though. Someone was talking about how bad a scene was a few months ago and I was a bit surprised and had to re-evaluate it to see how it could be viewed as bad.

The other thing that bothers me about the DVD marketing machine now days is the “special features”. Come on if they aren’t special then don’t show them! That Dark Water DVD included 2 deleted scenes that absolutely were deleted for a reason. They shouldn’t have been even shown as deleted scenes. They both were less than 2 minutes long and added nothing to the story or any insight to the thinking of the film editor. They were just included because, “Hey, we can’t release an Unrated Version DVD without some deleted scene special features”!

You know, after reading back over those 2 paragraphs, I am going to have to say that the Dark Water DVD sucked. I talked myself out of it. Jennifer Connelly was pretty in it though.

I am beginning the process of backing up my old files and burning them to disk. I am trying to make some room on my old computer and get it cleaned up. I have all kinds of school work on there that needs to get stow away. It’s amazing how fast a computer can get filled up with files. I’m also going to go through the Noodle server space and clean that puppy out to make some room. There are a bunch of files on the server that are old and don’t connect to anything anyway.

K and I have some sort of Sunday dinner cooking project to work on together for this evening. I’m not sure what we are going to cook yet. I told her to surprise me. She’s at the grocery store right now.

Oh yeah, Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few days. I have a plan for the little lady, but I still have to construct it. Maybe I should get going on it right now while she is away.

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