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one thousand pounds

Sunday 16 April 2006 - Filed under Uncategorized

Happy Easter kids! How goes it?
The sun is trying so desperately to poke it’s head out this morning. Oh wow, I just got a blast from it coming through the window. Nice. We just got back from taking the dogs for a walk and getting coffee. We started the dog walk a bit earlier than usual and it was nice, quiet and peaceful. Everybody was still sleeping their Saturday off.

Yesterday was rainy. We got out in it and did our yard work anyway. Boy oh boy, we did a number on the backyard. Thanks to Martin and Lianne for all the help. We got cold, wet and muddy. We pretty much chopped the giant laurel bush in the back in half. We had to clean up the ivy and find the back of our property line to prepare for the fence going in. We gained three more feet of yard by the time we were finished. We filled up Martin’s truck three times and took our yard debris to the recycling center. We dumped a total of over one thousand pounds of yard debris. It looks good back there. Actually it doesn’t look good, it looks like a hurricane hit, but it is cut back and ready for the fence. We are so stupid though. We forgot to take before and after photos! That bums me out. That would have been a perfect before and after opportunity. I need to start to take more pictures.

I’ve got achy muscles from yesterday’s work.

What’s going on for Easter? Not much here. We were going to go out to my dad’s for lunch but we’ve decided not to.
I think I may take an Easter nap.

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