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Saturday 13 May 2006 - Filed under music

Happy weekend to you! We have made it through another week kids. It’s sunny outside right now and I am going to be dragged away from playing on the computer and forced to work out in the yard when K and Mr. Baptist get back. It should be a fairly nice day for yard work. I’ll give the lawn a good mow and do some clean up and ivy cutting in the front.

Hopefully I can find some time this weekend to do some creative projects. I have been saying that every weekend for last couple of months haven’t I? If I keep saying it maybe I will do it. Keep speaking the words Noodle and the actions will follow.

Right now at this very second I am listening to “Rez/Cowgirl (Everything, Everything Edit)” from the “Cowgirl EP” by Underworld. Holy crap it is so freaking good. If you are one of those people out there who listens to headphones all day at work like me, then you must get some Underworld. The music totally gets you thumping, puts you in a trance, makes your work go easier and the next thing you know, it’s time to go home. That Cowgirl Ep has got a couple of 11 minute remixes on it that are out of this World. I have 2 or 3 Underworld CDs.

I think this sudden hunger for electronic music and techno must have been sparked during that Goldfrapp show on Wednesday. I started thinking more about that embellishing and improvisation I was writing about yesterday. Underworld mixes it up during the live recordings I have heard, with interesting sounds and different mixes of their tunes. It was crazy yesterday, I was actually craving all the Underworld songs I could find on my work computer. When I got home I bought the first bundle of the Underworld RiverRun Project, “Lovely Broken Thing” and downloaded it to my computer. It is pretty amazing. It is very experimentalish sounding. There are 7 songs on it that are all ran together into one long piece. You wouldn’t really have known that there were different songs unless you knew it before listening. I am going to buy the next bundle “Pizza For Eggs” later today. I can’t wait to listen to them on my headphones in a work setting.

Seth and I were looking at our bellies during the Goldfrapp concert and were starting to feel pudgy around all those young hip kids. I know, I don’t have anything to complain about and am nowhere near being fat, but I am getting a beer belly now and seem to be gaining weight as old age sneaks in. This is unusual for me because I have always been freakishly skinny. I have been thinking that I need to start exercising. I need to create a whole exercise regime for myself. Maybe I should start riding my bicycle to work. Maybe I should start jogging. If I started exercising I know I would start feeling better and I’m sure I would start having more creative ideas again.

Part of my exercise regime would involve mental and creative exercise. I need to start building up my drawing muscles, I need to do some good reading, I need to go view some fine art, exercise my photograph taking muscles, and do some laps to get my web creation blood flowing.

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