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Days of Sunshine

Tuesday 16 May 2006 - Filed under Uncategorized

Yes, It looks like another sun filled day is in the works this morning. Yesterday they said it got up to 90. I think that would qualify as summer weather wouldn’t it? Does that mean that summer is here folks?

I was in the office all day yesterday and didn’t get to see the warm sun. I did step outside briefly to see how warm it was. I’ll be inside all day today also. I meant to take a sweater with me today for leaving at the office but forgot. The air conditioned air is quite chilly.

Have I mentioned yet that I love our fenced in back yard? It is a peaceful sanctuary now. I was laying back there on the grass Sunday night and it was quite relaxing. It’s amazing how closing that area off with a fence improved the quality of life.

There have been several horrible stories in the local news the last few days. People are dropping like flies. Yesterday a woman crashed her car over the divider on the freeway and slammed head on into a police car. On Sunday a man got his legs severed when the MAX train ran over him. Come on people! Let’s be safe! These two incidents reminded me of the randomness post from last month. A car event and a train event. I am now a believer in routine and repetitiveness. Routine isn’t as romantic as randomness but it is safer. My normal routine on Sunday and Monday didn’t take me near either one of those events. Although I was driving the car yesterday and could have had a car event. If I was really aiming for randomness I might have had a wacky enough route to take me near those accidents. Yeah, I know, if an event is meant to cross your path then there really isn’t much you can do to avoid it.

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