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Everything Part 2

Wednesday 17 May 2006 - Filed under music

My love affair with Underworld continues. Has anyone reading these pages been turned on to Underworld yet? If so let me know. I am starting to feel crazy about my Underworld gushing and I need your words to affirm that I am not nuts.

Today Underworld’s DVD “Everything; Everything” arrived in my mailbox from the lovely folks at Netflix. I just got done watching it and holy cow. It was quite amazing. Sure, I should calm down a bit and think about it more, but while I was watching it I thought, “Man, this is the best concert DVD I have ever seen”. Take that with a grain of salt. Remember that I have ONLY been listening to Underworld this week. To explain myself: The energy content of the disk was through the roof. I wished desperately to be dancing in the crowd the whole time the DVD was playing. The concert was mixed masterfully with text and graphics and film clips splashing around everywhere. I am also happy that blokes in their 40’s can rock it. There is hope for this 33 year old.

Part of my interest in Underworld this week that was made evident on the DVD tonight, is that they are graphic designers from the awesome firm Tomato. Did I mention that they are designers? My Underworld week has been sparking my dead soul up and has been getting me thinking about doing some good design work again. All that type design and motion graphics flashing around has given me inspiration. I should start making some films and motion graphics again and offer them up here for your viewing pleasure. Working on that kind of shit in the past has been heaven for me. I need to keep that in mind and get closer to heaven again. 8 to 12 hours lost in editing video is a big boner for me.

Come on Noodle! Hit it!
Yes, something good is in the works folks. I have the hunger again.

Hey, the lovely Alicia has really been rocking the photos from the Noodle compound and picking up my photo taking slack. I need to update my photos. Yes I know that my photos are from 2 years ago. I thought about getting a Flickr account but have decided that as a web designer that route would be far too lazy for me. Alicia has some awesome photos of Philip, Abby, Pierre and the current Noodle world that you can view for now until I stop being so lame and update my photos. You can see the new fence in the Philip and Abby shots.

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