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paper-cut to bring release

Tuesday 23 May 2006 - Filed under Uncategorized

I’m finding the act of sleeping in being more possible on weekdays. I could barely force myself out of bed this morning. Sleeping felt SO good. All I wanted was a few more hours. It seems that sleeping isn’t this good on the weekends. I usually am wide awake with no possibility of continued sleep.

I went and saw the basketball game with Seth last night over at Holman’s. The Mavericks just barely beat the Spurs in overtime. Game number 7 of that series. Do or die time. It was a heart pounding game. A real nail biter. It’s crazy how the drama of a close game with the clock winding down sucks you in. Seth is a fan of the Dallas Mavericks so that is who we were cheering for. Seth has been checking the cable-only playoff games at the bars around the neighborhood and I’ve started joining him. He believes that his team does the best if he is watching the game at Holman’s. They seem to loose if he goes to other places like Claudia’s. Now that the Mavericks are in the Western Finals and the games will all be on the broadcast networks, will we still go to Holman’s?

I like watching basketball. It’s funny how I can still keep up with the sports talk even though I haven’t been watching basketball for last several years. I was a real basketball fan when the Portland Trail Blazers were doing really well in the early 90s. I remember watching the games with my brother. I also remember watching them with Travis. I remember being sent home by that lovely blessing of a girl Angie when she was too upset to see me after a major Blazer loss.

Last week I was thinking that it might be fun to start up a video podcast. It would be fun to do little 5 to 10 minute experimental movies for you all to be able to subscribe to and download to your iPods. What would they be about though? Should I think up some sort of story or can my little movies be about nothing? One of the great things that my recent education has given me is a group of smart kids that I can contact with my questions. I posed the question: “How does one make a video podcast?” and a truck load of answers were given. From doing my research, I am beginning to think that one would want to have 12 to 20 video episodes in the can before starting up a serious video podcast. Then there’s that whole bandwidth issue and finding a host that would take the bandwidth hit for you if the podcast becomes popular.

I think the video podcast idea will go on the back burner for right now. I could probably still shoot my little videos though.
What I should do is update this blog more often and get my photos posted up here.

Way back in 1999, Seth, Mr. Wagner and I were in the legendary rock band “PieFan”. Have I spoke about PieFan in these pages before? Probably. It was our attempt at good ole homemade experimental computer music. I do the singing and most of the lyrical content. I enjoy listening to PieFan about once every year.

A few days ago I thought that I had better get all of those song together in one spot on iTunes in my new computer. There are PieFan CDRs in different places around the house and It would be a shame if they got scratched or wrecked, destroying our tunes forever. I found most of the stuff but was missing the 6 song “YumMolly” EP. I was in a bit of a panic because that disc had some of our big hit songs on it! Seth can’t find his PieFan CD and I haven’t talked to Mr. Wagner in a while. Luckily after much searching I found the disc in the place I had put it for safe keeping where it wouldn’t get lost.

Paper-cut is the song that I had decided to post for you when I thought I had lost the other ones. Paper-cut has some creepy imagery to it.

Kiss the Money seems to be the favorite of quite a few people. Seth doesn’t like it as much because he’s not on it.

I think that Draw the Blinds is my favorite.

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