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Everybody needs to chill out!

Wednesday 13 March 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

Well Once again, time to go on my Quest for Fire today. I’ve got to get out there and see how my Peeps are doing. The weather hasn’t let up yet this week so the journey is going to be a wet one again. I don’t think I’m going to go to the comic book shop today. Maybe next week.

Oh geeze wait… I’ve got to get some coffee, I can’t think.
There that’s a little bit better.

Yes the weekly walk will do me good. I’ve got to get the Hell out of here!

Happy Birthday to the lovely Eugene. If there is a finer chap in Portland I have yet to meet him. 30 yrs old. Don’t worry buddy I’m almost there with you. Yes his twin brother Benny is 30 today also. Hopefully I can scrape some change together to get out with you guys tonight. It’s a birthday filled week. We had quite the fun at the handsome Matt’s birthday dinner on Monday evening. You March babies are a good bunch of folks.

I need to really stay alert on my walk today. Portland has been filled with crime this week. Have you seen the news? Another kidnapping happening in Oregon City. A shooting resulting in death in broad daylight downtown. A bank robbery yesterday with shots fired. Damn it people stop it. This isn’t good. Everybody needs to chill out and get back to following the Golden Rule. I’ve got enough going on without worrying about getting stepped on by you losers. Remember our enemies are in the Axis of Evil, not here.

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