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A great long boring movie and the student loan noose

Wednesday 12 July 2006 - Filed under Uncategorized

We have rain today. Yes we have rain.
I don’t mind it so much since I am inside all day today anyway.

K and I watched a really good movie last night. It was called “Fitzcarraldo“, directed by Werner Herzog. I feel pretty strange about this one. I found the movie to be long and boring and somehow I still really liked it. That makes it hard to recommend doesn’t it? I don’t know. It was 3 hours long.

I had K jot down some notes on what she thought about Fitzcarraldo so I could include them with this post. We were discussing the “long and boring” matter in the car this morning.

Okay.. she says:
There were slow moments. It wasn’t long and boring (like I said).
She found it to have a story that was so complex that it would have been hard to make the movie shorter (I think that the story was fairly simple but the filming of it was complex).
She did think that the pace was dated. Older movies have a different pace than new movies she says (there were several long shots of people’s facial expressions, or staring off into this distance).
That’s it for her notes on the subject.

It was enjoyable appreciating the logistics of how they filmed parts of Fitzcarraldo. 1982 was the time back before everyone just assumed that a computer did it like they do now. They had to really set up a giant set filled with natives working on the side of a mountain in the middle of the Amazon. They didn’t just add a hundred and fifty computer generated extras in post. I guess there is a making of documentary that would be good for us to check out. Hold on one second while I add it to my Netflix queue.

I sent off 600 bucks this morning to pay for student loan payments that were a tad behind. Good god.
Do I have to keep paying those jerks back every month? It didn’t seem like that much of a problem when I was actually going to school.
It kinds of turns me off on the idea of getting more student loans to go back to school for a masters.

I do have my BS in Multimedia degree now though. Should I keep thinking that when sending off monthly student loan payments?
BS in Multimedia.
I am now working in a digital photography studio prepping, and retouching photographs.
Yesterday it really hit home when I attempted to help a coworker send out a company party invite email. I couldn’t figure out how to create an HTML email! That’s should be really simple right? It was simple when we finally figured everything out but it took much longer than it should have for someone who has a BS in Multimedia.

Have I already forgotten all of my web design training?

For all of you that are checking here for news due to some folks not having the blog posting muscles that others do, Seth and Alicia are back from Baltimore. I saw them last night. Really.
K and I are really going to miss them when they leave for real again.

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  1. chad
    12 July 2006 @ 2:59 pm

    hi chad,

    this is yourself. haha. i saw a movie last night called “sideways,” and i found it quite humorous.

    luv, yourself,