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Holy, Holy, Holy

Thursday 12 October 2006 - Filed under music

I’m going to need a new coat. I’m not happy with my current coat situation. I want a coat that I am in love with. Something that I enjoy putting on. A coat that looks and feels good. This morning I wore my thick wool shirt thing with all but one button missing and that’s just not doing it for me. I should go shopping for a coat now before it gets too cold.

Speaking of cold, I think a cold or flu bug is threatening to catch me. It keeps coming and going. I felt like crap yesterday and then it wore off last night. On Tuesday night I had what seemed like the start of a migraine that kicked my butt. Everyone at the office is sniffling or calling in sick. I can’t let it get me. It might be nice to take a sick day though and rest. Hmm. Maybe I should embrace the sickness.

Last night the boss man paid for some of us to go to a lecture at PSU. It was kind of cool. The speaker was portrait photographer Michael Grecco. He presented his work and talked about the importance of good lighting. He had some nice photos. I picked up a few good pointers for my work at the office. Yeah, so I was hanging with the photographer crowd. Does this mean I have accepted my fate and crossed over to the dark side forever? I’m usually hanging with the web crowd at web lecture thingys.

I’ve pieced together the motion picture soundtrack for my television show. This is the soundtrack that you would buy after hearing a song that you liked on the week’s episode. I think it’s a pretty good mix. I will listen to this disc to help me capture the mood of the show as I am typing. Here’s the track list song / artist so you can make the same disc at home.

1. Rollin’ Tumblin’ (Remix) / R.L. Burnside
2. Holy, Holy, Holy / London Festival Orchestra
3. Cowgirl / Underworld
4, What Else Is There? / Royksopp
5. Hey Mama / Black Eyed Peas
6. Resolution / Photek
7. Les Yper-Sound / Stereolab
8. Wishing Well / Porno For Pyros
9. Future / Zero 7
10. Hammer Without a Master / Broadcast
11. New Round / Beck
12. Royksopp’s Night Out / Royksopp
13. And It Rained All Night / Thom Yorke
14. Ghostwriter / RJD2
15. My Elastic Eye / The Chemical Brothers
16. Motoroller Scalatron / Stereolab

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