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peeing in the yard

Wednesday 8 November 2006 - Filed under Uncategorized

Election day is over.
Quite a few of the voting results are in.
Did you all vote?

Are the bloggers blogging? Probably huh?

I was hoping after election night the news folks would stop talking about this election business. Yeah, I knew in my heart that wasn’t going to happen. It’s all theater. Quite a few of the races are still too close to call so we’ll probably be hearing more about this sitcom.

From the few minutes of NPR I have listened to already this morning it sounds like the democrats did pretty well. A majority of the public is fed up with Mr. Bush finally? Majority? Okay well, a majority of the 40% of citizens who decided to vote. 60% of Americans didn’t vote? What the hell is that about? Shameful. Hey people, it’s not very hard to vote. It’s pretty simple. Were 60% of you too busy to vote? Did you feel like you didn’t know enough about the issues? I barely knew anything about any of the issues and I still voted.

Why did things have to go so far into the toilet before people started getting fed up? Where were these voters that are now sending a message to the administration? Why couldn’t you have been fed up back then and sent a message that said that you didn’t want to elect this guy?

I don’t know if things will be better with the democrats having more power. Maybe it will be a good start?

Speaking of toilets, I peed in the yard this morning.
K and I gutted the bathroom last night. Bathroom remodel 2006 is on baby!
Taking the toilet, the sink and the bathtub out of the bathroom wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be. Putting that stuff back in could be more difficult.
The tile guys should be at the house right now getting started.

K is mad. I watched the first episode of Lost season 3. I couldn’t help myself yesterday during lunch. Season 3 is just waiting there on the internet to be watched. She is mad I watched it without her. I have an addiction. I need to go to Lost rehab. I promised her I wouldn’t watch anymore episodes until we can see them together as a family.

2006-11-08  »  Noodle


  1. pittsburg
    8 November 2006 @ 3:32 pm

    I would be mad too….

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