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Friday 1 December 2006 - Filed under Uncategorized

Yeee Haaaw! FRIDAY at last. Bring on dah weekend in t-minus 8 hours.

It was quite a bit warmer this morning wasn’t it? Do you think this rise in temperature is going to bring floods and mudslides? If the eager TV news people and weather folks get their way it will. A West Hills mansion sliding down the hill is always good to fill up the air time.

Hey, It’s the first day of December. Hooray for that. 2006 is almost over isn’t it? I need to go back through the journal and do an end of year round up and recap.

Yesterday while working I finished my audio book, “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson. It was pretty RAD. Ha ha. Rad. Yeah, it was pretty good. When the end came though I didn’t know that I had reached the end of the audio book. The story wrapped up really fast. It was almost as if the writer got tired of writing the novel and tied everything up so he could move on to the next book. I thought the cool thing about Snow Crash was how future visioning it was. It was written in 1992 but seemed like it could have been written today. Yeah, I know, sci-fi writers are supposed to be able to do that sort of writing, and 1992 wasn’t that long ago. There were elements of it though that dealt with the whole cyber world genre that reminded me of Second Life. There is also some cool ideas about viruses in the book.

I don’t think I’ll be getting another audio book. They’re too expensive. They are fun to listen to though. It’s weird because it’s not really reading a book. I wonder what the difference in retention is between actually reading a book and having one read to you? I’m sure someone has done a study on it. I found that I had to concentrate harder to follow the fiction in “Snow Crash” than I did when listening to the nonfictional “The World is Flat”.

I’m feeling creatively restless this week. Does it show?
I’ve got to get something going.
I’m feeling the moss grow.
I should start drawing again.

That is the danger here at the office, doing the work I’m currently doing. It’s a constant battle keeping boredom at bay. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re not excited.

Maybe I just need a vacation.

2006-12-01  »  Noodle

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