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Wednesday 6 December 2006 - Filed under Radish

HEy yo!

I feel really good this morning. I must have gotten enough rest or something. The last few days I have been really groggy in the morning. Not today. Wide awake, feeling fine. I need to figure out what is causing this good mood and restfulness and try to repeat it again over and over for the rest of the week.

Not too much really going on this week. Nothing to report. The usual stuff. Work and the boob tube.

I am pretty deep into reading “The Gunslinger” by Stephen King. So far so good. It’s going fast. I am wondering if the speed at which I read is increasing or if this is just an easy book to read causing it to go faster. It’s probably a little bit of both. Only six more books left in the Dark Tower series after this one.

On the movie front:
If you haven’t already, you must see the Stanley Kubrick movie, “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”. Oh man, it is SO good. I hadn’t seen it before and can’t believe that I haven’t. Peter Sellers does an excellent job with the acting. I didn’t know that he played 3 different characters in the movie.

It was funny last night, I had to call K in. The Simpsons rerun was the one where they spoofed Dr. Strangelove. Homer rides the a-bomb down out of the plane, waving his cowboy hat like Slim Pickens did in the movie. Yep that’s the movie that scene is from.
Talk about timing. Somebody is scheduling Simpsons episodes based on our Netflix queue.

I have been doing some investigating and research for about a week now on designing web pages for mobile devices. Cell phones, PDAs, and Black Berries. Small screens. I’m kind of excited about this stuff. Have any of you been looking at the internet on your cell phone?
I’m discovering from my readings that this whole taking the internet with you wherever you go business is blowing up.
I’m thinking I could get in on this at an earlier point than I did with the web on your desktop phenomena. Maybe I’m already too late. Things are moving fast.

There are a number of challenges with designing for small screens. Old school challenges like the ones that the web had 10 years ago when everyone had 28.8 modems. I really like those challenges. You have to have clean code, small designs, small images and small file sizes. You have to consider the usability of the physical handset and be realistic in your web aims. It creates some boundaries for your designs.

Here’s how the Noodle Journal is parsed down for cell phone viewing. I need to get that looking a little bit better for starters.

A major section of my research now is looking into cell phone services. I don’t have a cell phone so I have to figure out what sort of service I would get before I can even see my designs on the mobile internet. What’s the best smart phone to get to view the internet? Which service provider connects to the net the best at an affordable price? I probably won’t get hooked into a cell phone until next year.

I’ll keep you posted on my findings.

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  1. Mr. Snethen
    8 December 2006 @ 9:28 am

    The Palm 700p is the phone that’s been at the top of nearly every list I’ve seen. I bought a refurbished one off the eBay about a month ago and loved it. I’ve since sold it.

    Having the Internets with me wherever I went was fantastic. And being able to send and receive from gmail was cool too. But the thing was gonna cost me more than $100/month and in the end I figured out there were other things I wanted to do with $1200/year. Like get a Powerbook.

    So I’m back on the RAZR, which works just fine for $50/month. Handhelds are fun, but not worth it to Luddites like myself.

    If you have to have one, may I recommend you look at the 700p and the Blackberry 8700-series.