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Friday 8 December 2006 - Filed under Radish

So much for the week. There she goes.
I know I say this almost every Friday, but Man, did the week zoom by or what?

I need a vacation. Have I said that here yet?
I’ll take some days off in a week or so. How does that sound?

Do you have any plans for the weekend? We don’t have too much going on. We are going to take my nephew Caleb out to see a movie tomorrow. He said he wanted to see the Santa Claus 3 movie, but we are hoping to convince him to to upgrade at least to the Happy Feet level. It’s playing at the IMAX. That might be kind of cool.

Yeah, kid movies. There has been a few pretty good ones in recent years hasn’t there?

Caleb isn’t old enough to see the new James Bond movie.
I don’t really have any desire to see the Bond flick anyway.
I can’t think of anything that I am currently dying to see.

Hey thanks to those of you who have dropped emails or left comment on my mobile design research efforts.
It’s kind of fun picking a topic and schooling yourself on it.
I need to type up the notes on my efforts.

This week I have been learning about what sort of devices and services there are out there for the consumer. I’m at a good starting point coming at this as a person new to the cell phone and mobile device market. How does one wade through all of this crap and actually find the device and service they want? If you get into it a ways it’s kind of confusing at first.

I figured some things out. I don’t care about “talking” on the phone. I’m not interested in getting a phone for having phone conversations. The most I would probably use the voice minutes for would be if I was waiting somewhere trying to figure out which restaurant K and the gang were meeting me at. I wouldn’t be one of those people (I say this now) that calls everyone they know while they are riding the cramped bus to tell them that they are on the bus and they will see them in 5 minutes.

I would be interested in having a device mostly for the internet and email. So far I am finding that this sort of mobile computing is way too expensive to be worth it. Service providers are charging close to a hundred a month for the privilege of doing something that you can do on a laptop for far less? I’m still looking into service providers. I’m finding it hard to find a straight number for per month costs. There’s a lot of: if you do this, plus this minus that, minutes this, per that, evenings this going on. I haven’t made a truly serious effort yet to figure out the cheapest service provider.

What I want is unlimited internet, email, and text messages for one flat rate. Throw a cheap minimum minutes voice package in also.

All of that is separate from getting the phone you want (sort of, actually not really). Right now if money was no object and I wanted to spend hundreds a month I would probably get the Cingular 8525. It’s a pretty cool phone.

One thing I have decided I want in a smart phone is integrated wi-fi. We can hook all of our devices together to the web using wi-fi? Cool. I think I read that you could even use the 8525 phone as a wi-fi modem? I could connect my laptop to it and have internet anywhere that the phone was picking it up? Hmm. Is that right? I need to investigate that more. I might be getting it wrong.

In conclusion, I have decided this week by looking into mobile stuff that: I will continue to read web pages and learn about it but won’t dive into a phone or service for at least 18 months. Phones are going to get even cooler and hopefully services will get cheaper.

Here’s the thing for me though, designing mobile web pages and figuring out the nuts and bolts of that stuff is free. With current emulators you can kind of get an idea of what your designs look like and what the code is doing. I think it’s pretty easy to predict that this mobile stuff is only going to get bigger.

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Talkback x 2

  1. steve
    10 December 2006 @ 11:33 am

    I have some info on smart phones I could get to you. You could check out as well. Using your phone as a modem fpr your laptop is cumbersome and slow. A better bet would be something like the treo or the blackberry.

  2. Mr. Noodle
    11 December 2006 @ 1:03 pm

    Thanks Stevie!

    Yeah send the info you have this way. I’m still investigating.
    I have been getting quite a bit of my info from CNET. It’s a good place to start for sure.

    I’m not going to be getting a phone. The longer one can go without getting a phone the better I’m thinking. Things are advancing so fast in that arena.