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Thursday 11 January 2007 - Filed under music

I’ve got a few topics on the ole mental burner today.

First off, “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd is a freaking awesome album. I love it. I listened to it on my good ole iPod earlier today. It sounds great through the headphones. If you haven’t heard it then listen to it soon. You could probably even check the record out at the library. Do they still check out records? One of my favorite tunes on the album is “Welcome to the Machine”. I am such a rocker.

This morning I was thinking about how crazy it is how quickly I became addicted to listening to my iPod during my morning commute. I remember sitting on the bus just a little while ago thinking how those drones plugged into their headsets were missing the sounds of life and the morning bus ride. No more. I am here to tell you that headphones during the commute is the only way to go. I didn’t realize how much crap was getting in until I tuned it all out. Just not being able to hear lame ass cellphone conversations is reward enough. It was weird at first not being able to hear my surroundings. It’s kind of strange, but I don’t actually have to hear to get to and from work. With the hearing plugged up I am making sure to look around more often. I would sure hate to get ran over by a car that I couldn’t hear because Snoop Dogg was turned up too loud.

With all of my geek attention focused on the iPhone this week I forgot to talk about my new work machine. Yep. The boss man bought some of us new computers to start the new year off with at the office. It’s pretty sweet. Talk about a great way to boost worker morale! I am now writing this post on my brand new duel processor Mac Pro tower. It has 5 gigs of RAM! 5 Gigs. I can’t really wrap my brain around that much RAM yet. My first home Mac had 8 Megs of RAM. I was excited when my second home computer had 256 Megs.

This is my first experience with the new “Intel inside” Macs. So far so good. Believe it or not, there have actually been a few hiccups with this machine. It stopped working twice yesterday and dumped my work. I have noticed a few things kind of dragging in Photoshop. I am eagerly awaiting Adobe’s CS3 so we can really see how Photoshop is supposed to work on these super computers. My Wacom tablet was acting kind of wonky also. I had to download the universal binary version of the tablet’s driver.

My last topic I’m daydreaming about today is schooling. My good buddy G has been turning over the idea of looking at going back to school. I’ve been snooping over her shoulder here and there, sampling some of the catalogs. Man oh man, that shit is expensive! I’m sure I’ve said it here before, but really, education should be free. I would love to keep going to school but the idea of adding to my already mammoth student loan bills makes me sick.

This year I am going to be my own school, start my own course and be my own professor.
Here are the text books that I am currently reading for my class:

1.) “The Education of an Art Director” Edited by Steven Heller

2.) “The Business Side of Creativity” by Cameron S. Foote

3.) “Designing for Small Screens” by Studio 7.5

Okay, save the money you are planning on giving the school, give me half of that, buy these text books, come on over Monday morning and I’ll be your professor this term.

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