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Wednesday 14 March 2007 - Filed under back 2 school + Radish

My Zo-Ko website had been down. I’m not sure how long it was down.
It’s back up now.
It was blocked by the web host due to nonpayment. I hadn’t been interested in paying the bill.
I’m all paid up now.

I don’t think I have done anything with that site since my portfolio day, college graduation week, September 2005.
Soon to be 2 years. Time is flying kids.

I haven’t really done any web stuff since then.
I haven’t been interested.
I’ve done video stuff and other fun things, but not much with the internets.

I’ll probably let the Zo-Ko site float for a bit longer until it expires next time.
I’m not excited about the Zo-Ko direction anymore. The site is fine, but I don’t think it represents my interests or boat floaters anymore.

I’ve got a new direction for my web presence bouncing around in my brain at the moment.
I’ll have to get it out and up one of these days.

I couldn’t remember my passwords for the Zo-Ko site so I had to do some digging through my papers.
I found my pass codes in my wonderful little moleskine notebook (that’s funny, I thought it was mole skin). There are some excellent notes, scribbles, and ideas in that puppy. I was thumbing through it on the bus this morning. I need to read those notes closer and bring some of those gems out into the light again.
I love peeking through my old scribbles. I’m my biggest fan.

One of these days I am going to go back through my old school work and notebooks.
I think there are some notes in there written to the future Noodle, telling him to research the jotted ideas and directions that the school Noodle didn’t have time to explore.

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  1. Joe
    15 March 2007 @ 5:52 am

    Hey, just checking in, been so busy packing and such that I’ve been neglecting my feed-reading duties. Sorry to miss the WFJ show. Those boys really inspired me. Have a good day called thursday.