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Thursday 15 March 2007 - Filed under Uncategorized

Hey do you know what? The Castichells are on the other side of the globe right now in Japan. Woo hoo! I hope you guys are having fun.
It’s night time there right at this moment isn’t it?
If you guys get a chance please update the internets with stories of your adventures and photos. I’ll keep a diligent eye out for news and postcards.

We saw Babel last night. It was fine. I could see it blowing you away if you were in the right mood. I wasn’t.
The shots in Japan reminded me that our friends are there.
I would love to visit Tokyo some day.

I was talking about doing some concert video work on Monday. Low and behold, music show filming presents itself. I volunteered to be part of my buddy Stu’s crew. We are going to be filming an experimental noise rock show at a place downtown called Someday Lounge on Friday night. I’m excited. It should be fun.

I haven’t been to this Someday Lounge place before. I’d invite all of you to come and check it out but I’m not exactly sure what this “experimental noise” business is about yet. I’ve heard some tales. Stu said he’s providing ear plugs to his team. Stu is putting together a documentary on noise and these acts that make it. I should check out some of the band’s music before Friday night to see if there are any bits that would inform my filming.

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