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pleasurable weekend

Monday 16 April 2007 - Filed under Uncategorized

It turned out being a really good weekend! Not that I was expecting a bad one.
We had some good fun.

The sun came out finally yesterday and we managed to do some yard work. It was so exciting!
I finally got the backyard mowed! Now that first mow of the year is complete, it’s almost time to mow the front again.
I also did some weed eating with the Grass Hog.
K got the garden planted. She says this is the earliest she has had it in the ground.
We stayed outdoors most of the day.

On Saturday night we went and saw the We’re From Japan kids play at Dante’s. It was a good show. I really like the new tunes they are starting play.

I was an idiot and didn’t wear any ear plugs at the show. My ears were still ringing Sunday afternoon and I felt like I was trying to hear with my head stuck in a pillow.
So stupid. Playing Russian roulette like that with my hearing is going to bite me on the ass in a handful of years. I just know it.

Oh yeah, I went to the office on Saturday and worked 7 hours of overtime. I’ll be trying to work as many hours of overtime as I can get over the next few months. I want to try to get us out from under this tax bill as quick as possible. We’ll be sending our “I’ll gladly pay Tuesday for a hamburger today” tax letters in the mail tomorrow.

We didn’t get to the library over the weekend. We might try to go tonight.

Oh man! I almost forgot. Yesterday was our man Phillip’s birthday! He’s a five year old man now. They grow up so fast! We didn’t do anything too crazy for him. He said he wanted a mellow birthday this year. We went on a long walk and told him how happy we were that it was his birthday.

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