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morning sweat breaking

Tuesday 8 May 2007 - Filed under Uncategorized

Oh my, oh my. It is absolutely gorgeous out there this morning. Almost too gorgeous.
It is nice and warm out. I was almost dressed too warm for my morning travels. I almost broke a sweat! I think one bead of sweat may have broke free from my mammoth forehead.
I’ll check the weather reports before starting my work day to see what those outside of the office will be experiencing.

This is not working weather. Luckily I will be hiding away in the darkness of my caveicle and won’t be near any windows constantly reminding me of the lovely day I am missing.

Ah yes, still working quite a bit. The work load has been cutting into my journal reflection and typing time.
It is good to have a lot of work. It keeps you busy and out of trouble. Idle hands are the devil’s playground you know.

I’ll be hitting a bit of a break after Wednesday. There will be some time away.

Hey, hey. I got a new digital video recorder on Saturday! Ah yes, another camera! I am quite excited about it. It is way awesome. I got the Canon HV20. HD filming time! I almost wept when I saw the magnificent footage captured by the new baby. I was really missing out on a whole world of clarity sticking with my 10 year old camera.

I’m in the “getting to know you” faze. I have been shooting some test footage and experimenting with the computer system introductions. There will be a bit of a learning curve. Editing in HDV is a larger undertaking than regular DV. I’m planning on putting up some experiments on YouTube for you to see before too long.

So one works the overtime time to get the camera, but now one is still doing the overtime and has little time for using the camera. That doesn’t seem fair.

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