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Monday 21 May 2007 - Filed under movies + Radish

Happy Monday to you my friends!

How was your weekend? Ours was pretty cool. We were over at the coast all weekend. Stayed at the beach house. There was actually sun shining on the beach Saturday. It was a gorgeous day. Mist on Friday night and rain on Sunday.

The Marcy family joined K, the pups and I on Friday and Saturday.

I have been studying Georges Méliès over the last few weeks. We have been watching the “Méliès the Magician” DVD we got from Netflix. You know George right? He’s that early film maker from over a hundred years ago that made the movie “A Trip to the Moon“. He was one of the very first special effects masters. Méliès’s work is absolutely amazing if you keep in mind that this stuff was a hundred freaking years ago! The general public was barely use to seeing moving pictures at that time and I imagine that Méliès’s tricks probably seemed like sorcery.

Looking at Méliès’s works now is a fun exercise in appreciation of what they did back at the birth of cinema long before computers did all of the special effects for you. I’m interested in working out some in-camera effects that can be done before the footage gets into the computer. Having an understanding of the roots helps make the computer less of a crutch.

I am really excited about capturing striking images and good photography with the camera. Sure it’s fun dorking around with it on the computer, but getting a good image to start out with is what I’m really shooting for now.

The Marcy kids, Phil and I filmed some Méliès style experiments at the beach. We had the kids disappear and reappear out of thin air. We had objects popping out of their hands and had the kids move a wooden bear across the table using only the power of their minds. It was totally fun. Kids really dig seeing themselves popping off of the screen. We were all thinking of crazy ideas and stunts we could do.

I’ll have to put our experiments up for you to see soon.

It was a fun and relaxing weekend.

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