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let them wear sweaters

Tuesday 22 May 2007 - Filed under Uncategorized

It’s a gray one out there this morning.
I think they are saying that it’s going to get sunny today. We’ll see. I don’t think there’s going to be much rain for the rest of the week.

K’s down! K’s down!
K hurt her back while we were at the beach last weekend.
She had to leave work and go to the chiropractor yesterday. They are thinking it’s her sciatica. Wait, I guess it wouldn’t be “her” sciatica. They are thinking it’s sciatica. Sucks.
It’s crazy because I was watching her when the pain popped and she wasn’t exerting herself, bending or lunging in any weird way. She was putting her keys into the lock of the car trunk and it hit.

She’s going back to the chiropractor this morning and will probably stay home again today.
Poor little bunny! I hope she can feel better soon.

Many thanks to our friend Kim who knitted the little man Phillip a sweater. He really digs it!
Here’s a photo of the model sporting his sweater.
Phillip thanks you Kim and told me to tell you that you do wonderful work. Sorry it took so long to photograph him.

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