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Birthday Girls and TV Viewing

Wednesday 23 May 2007 - Filed under Uncategorized

Happy Birthday to the always lovely Lianne! Her special day was yesterday. Hopefully we will do something this weekend to celebrate? We also have to hear of your adventures in China.

Today is my work chum G’s birthday. Happy Birthday to you fine lady!

Oh yes, and let’s not forget the birthday boy Alex, who shares a birthday with the lovely Lianne. I already wished you a happy birthday at the beach though.

Gosh, I feel like Ramblin’ Rod with all these birthday kids. Next I should have a smile contest.
What? You don’t know Ramblin’ Rod? Well I bet there’s some info on the nets about him.
Hmmm. Oop! Oh yes, here you go.
Yes, I was a member of the audience once in the 80s.

Wow. Wikipedia says there was rumored to be a Krusty the Klown, Ramblin’ Rod connection. Cool. Rusty the Clown?
I sometimes wonder about that Wikipedia.

Last night we watched the reality TV show, “On the Lot” . It’s some sort of Spielberg, Mark Burnett project.
I try, oh I try to be part of that shrinking population of sane Americans who hate reality TV but I get sucked in every once and a while. I try to be above it, but I’m not.

The Lot was frustrating.
As a wanna be filmmaker myself I was really into the whole concept of the show. 50 wanna be filmmakers picked from 12,000 short film submissions, getting a chance to play ball in the big leagues.
The first task they open the show with is pitching a story idea to the judges who are playing the role of producers being pitched to. The second task was to get into teams of 3 and create a short film in 24 hours.
These are both really good real life hurdles for aspiring filmmakers. Having to pitch your idea to the suits and being forced to work on a team under ridiculous time constraints.

I think the frustrating parts of On the Lot all came from them trying to stay in the lame “reality TV” format. Come on! Enough with that tired genre already. It’s like they went through an American Idol checklist while they were editing the show together. My biggest complaint is that they stuck with the losers too much. Yeah, we get it, these guys are wacky and they are going to get voted off of the island.
Seeing the bad singers croaking isn’t funny anymore!

They would totally have an awesome show if they steered away from the screw ups and stuck with the bad-ass, young, up and coming filmmakers. I mean these 50 contestant’s work made it through being weeded out of 12,000! Show us why they are talented not how they can pull each others hair!
I was totally enthralled watching one of the winners give his pitch, and then there was a quick montage of other winners without showing the pitches. After that they showed 3 of the screw up pitches. Come on! Seeing how the winners do well under pressure and stay confident gives much more to the wanna be filmmaker at home watching your show than someone choking and acting like a moron.

I’ll probably watch more of it because that whole filmmaking biz sucks me in. I just wish it wasn’t so American Idol, Apprentice-ish!
I think I’ll check out the website more closely when I have a few spare moments. It looks like it may have more of the serious bits that I’m looking for. It would be good to see some of the submissions as well since they didn’t show any of them in there entirety on the first episode of the show.

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  1. Lianne
    24 May 2007 @ 8:49 am

    Tanks Chad, for the lovely birthday message. We’ll be seeing you this weekend~