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not much kicking

Friday 8 June 2007 - Filed under Uncategorized

Not much going down around these parts.

Continuing our visits with Mr. Baptist.
Picked Seth and Alicia up at the airport last night. Very good to see them again.
We stayed up until about 1 last night. I’m pretty sleepy this morning.

Hold on while I go get some freshly brewed coffee, won’t you?

Hey yeah, it’s Friday!
That is good.

It was a fairly quiet work week.

My simple quest of getting the work week whittled down to 4 days instead of 5 has turned into an unnecessary annoyance that still has yet to be resolved.

On Wednesday we had a studio clean up day and I thought for sure that I had snapped both my wrists when I landed on them falling off of the skate board I was riding through the photo studio. I was trying to do a power slide and the concrete was much too slick.
I don’t think my wrist are broken but I am still sore. Even now on Friday, two days later!
I’m getting old. I have to be careful. I shouldn’t be taking skate boarding spills. My bones are too brittle.

I’m pretty sure there is a fun packed weekend in store for us. The gang will be back together and we are going to be causing some trouble.

We heard this really cool song while eating at the Bridgeport Ale House a week ago and when I asked who it was our server went and checked and told us it was Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.
I learned several years ago that you MUST ask what’s playing when you hear a song you like playing in an establishment. If you don’t, that unknown song will be stuck in your head and haunt you for at least 30 days after.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were adorned with praise for their first album a few years back and for some reason I skipped them.
The second album has received some bad reviews probably due to the fact that the first album received such good reviews.
I bought the second album, “Some Loud Thunder” this week. I love it. Be careful though. The reasons I love it are the same reasons the critics aren’t fond of it.
I’ll probably pick their first CD up this weekend.

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