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trying to wake up

Monday 11 June 2007 - Filed under movies + Uncategorized

I am one sleepy camper this morning.
I’ve got the coffee started on it’s brew here at the office. I am looking forward to my first pint of coffee.

The weekend has wrapped up nicely and we are starting out on what I am anticpating, but hoping won’t be, a long work week.

We stayed up late last night watching the movie “Seven” again for the hundredth time. Seth and Alicia’s lovely friend Sabrina hadn’t seen it before. It is always fun introducing someone to that movie for the first time. Gosh, Seven is a great movie. It is so gorgeously filmed. We were commenting last night on how well it has held up over time. What year was it released? Hold on let me check. Wow. 1995. That sort of seems like a long time ago doesn’t it?

Coffee is ready. Hold on one second.

Yes, it was a good weekend. We had a lot of fun with the guests who stayed with us. I think they are moving on and staying with the Castichell’s tonight or tomorrow. Taking the party over to St. Johns my people!

Yesterday we went and did some book shopping at Powell’s downtown. Man oh man. It was a dangerous scene kids. I am surprised I made it out with purchasing only one book. Everything looked so freaking good. I wanted to fill up a shopping cart with books!

A book I didn’t buy that looked awesome was “Radiohead: Welcome to the Machine: Ok Computer and the Death of the Classic Album ” by Tim Footman. It is a pretty cool dissection and study of the OK Computer album. I’m interested in the process that went into the creation of the album. The book had an analysis of the influences and directions of other albums, books, movies and art that informed the band while they were recording. It looked good.
I’ll probably wait and check it out at the library though.

I ended up buying a book on Dada and Surrealism.

Gosh, I’m sleepy.
I wonder if I’m getting a cold?

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