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Job Post Navel Gazing

Friday 14 September 2007 - Filed under Mondays + Radish

This week there was an interesting thread on one of the forums I am part of with some school chums. It was started with someone presenting for review a job description that they had written for a position for their company. This got me thinking.
Much to the non-interest of the other forum members I fashioned and wrote up my dream job description. A job I would totally love to apply for.
I found it to be an excellent exercise.
I’m still fine tuning it.

Declare something and it becomes reality right? Is that a thing? Stranger things than applying for a job that you created have happened? A company will read this and think “Oh my gosh here’s a position that we need to fill that we didn’t know existed! Call this guy up and hire him.”


Designer person to draw up sketches, thumbnails, illustrations and
plans for web products and other cool items. Mostly an idea person
delegating tasks to others while working on the entertaining parts of
the projects when the mood strikes.

Knowledge of information design, experience design, and interface
design helpful.
Desire for a fine art background a plus.

Experience with photography and familiarity with print processes required on some projects.

Ideal candidate will have at one time or other been interested in
knowing about XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Rails, and PHP but won’t have to
pretend to know how to implement them. Must appreciate code and how
well others can work it. If Flash is something the candidate wants to
explore then plenty of paid time will be given for experimentation.

The position also requires interest in sound design, digital video,
and motion graphics. Creating videos and making short films for the
web will be mandatory. Final Cut Pro experience a plus but time for
experimentation will also be provided.

May be required to add parts to music projects.

Content creation is key.

An important part of the position will be to stay up to date on what
is deemed “hip” by the kids by watching movies, surfing the internet,
playing video games, researching current design trends, reading and
adding content to blogs, listening to music, going to rock shows and
xtreme sporting events.

Ability to develop a knowledge and implementation of marketing, and
popular advertising trends is a plus.

Candidate will be working at a hip, super rad company, but won’t have
to jump through hoops during the interviewing process or be the king
or queen of cool to get the job. Knowing an insider or sleeping with
the boss won’t be required to land the spot.
We know you’ve got the goods champ and your work and passion will prove it!

The top applicants to this position will possess the desire in the depths of their soul to make and be part of creating cool shit. The NEED to communicate visually and express ones self artistically is the blood in their veins.

Will also be tired of suckers and The Man.

Position starts at 60K per year, includes medical, dental, 401K program and 3 weeks paid vacation.
80% of the job will be telecommuted from the employees home 20% will be at the office.
Will include occasional travel for research projects.

2007-09-14  »  Noodle

Talkback x 2

  1. Dru
    14 September 2007 @ 8:45 am

    I protest! I was completely interested in your post and loved every second of it. Sorry I didn’t say anything at the time, but I love the job description.

  2. Mr. Noodle
    14 September 2007 @ 9:22 am

    har! har!

    No, I know. It’s cool.

    Sometimes I babble incoherently of topic.

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