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Thursday 7 June 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

Ugh. I’ve got a canker sore now! Is that how you spell it? Oh me oh my. Are cankers related to the herpes virus? Maybe a certain kind of canker right? My canker isn’t a herpe. I could feel it growing today as I ate my salty top ramen and drank my ice cold coke. Ugh. It’s all I can focus on now. I’ve got to stop tonguing and chewing it. Argh. Yep the Noodle Journal has sunk to talking about chewing herpes. Ick! I’m outta here…

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Yo Beavercreek what up.

Wednesday 6 June 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

The boys and I hung out in Beavercreek today. It was pretty fun. Got to see grandpa Gerald and Grandma Valarie. The ole homestead. A lot more sun out there now with all the trees cut down. More sun than when I was a kid. I may have toasted my skull a bit. Oh I am not complaining. After all the rain we have been having the possibility of sunburn was a welcomed threat.

My pesky cough is still hanging on though! Can you believe it!?! I’m wondering if I have allergies? I’m definitely snotty too.

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Golfing with Jon Jon

Tuesday 5 June 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

Johnny and I are playing golf by rolling golf balls across the floor. G Noodle and K are out on an evening jog. Yeah jogging. I should really start jogging. I’m sure I would be a much more pleasant person if I did any kind of exercise. I bet I would be less annoyed all the time if I excercised this tension and sourness out.

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cough cough cough

Monday 4 June 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

This annoying cold/cough is here for another day! Lame! Burning chest and throat painful cough. Lame! Hold on one second while I cough… don’t worry. I don’t think my germs can get through your screen.

It was a pretty good work day today. Did some hard working! Tomorrow it’s just me at home with my two main men.

K’s final week of work is this week. Then summer break! Woo hoo! That will be fun.

Yeah summer break. Right! Sure! There will be no summer. It is pouring down rain out there right now and I am shivering cold.

And coughing.

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yes yes y’all

Sunday 3 June 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

I need to think of better titles. I was in a bit of fog today. My cold still persisted. Sore throat again. Not too much to report. I did write a new poem today. That is pretty exciting. It’s pretty rough still. It needs more work. I might be a little rusty.

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Fred called about the tickets

Saturday 2 June 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

There’s no tickets and I don’t know a Fred. Another day another dollar. Just kidding. No dollars. Well that’s not true. Dollars did flow out. Dollars did not flow in the more pleasant direction of in. Good day had today by all. Not too much to report today. My cold continued today. I took some dayquil and got pretty sleepy. I don’t usually get sleepy from dayquil. My body must have been weak sick and tired.

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Sicky Stupidinsky!

Friday 1 June 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

Ugh. I am feeling ill this evening. Achy a little warm with a sore throat. G Noodle won’t go to sleep. K is out with her posse. Johnny is cooing in there. Hopefully he falls asleep. G just asked “who ya writing to da da?” You know. I don’t know.

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Memorial service

Thursday 31 May 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

We went up to the memorial service today for my grandpa Johnny. It was really sweet and touching. It was a good way to remember him. He’s now buried next to my Grandma Gertrude. The memorial serves was up in Everrett Washington. It was a 4 and half hour drive up there. On the way back down we broke the hours up by stopping for dinner in Olympia with our friends Kathleen and Lynarra. Up and back makes for a pretty long day of driving! We are pooped. The boys stayed here and spent the day with Sierra. Overall a good day. Now on to Friday and back to it.

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Oh yes again

Wednesday 30 May 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

Oh yes again! Here another post. I wonder how many intoxicated posts I have made here over the years there are? I should make a subject heading. Yep. Good day chilling. Not too much to report. Almost the end of the month. Bill paying coming up. I just thought of something good to write about while I was sitting outside then forgot what it was when I came in. Chady and Sarah and family came over today for dinner and that was nice. Uh oh my battery is running out of juice…

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good evening to you!

Tuesday 29 May 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

Well hello there. I must stop writing posts in the evening. Evening posts are lame. One can’t write and then they are attempting to type some crap at the worst time. Now I’m getting distracted by K and her “Parenthood” television show watching.

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